Studio 25
The series of brand illustrations for Studio 25 who produces branding & packaging.
New Year with Coca-Cola
Illustrations for Coca-Cola native advertising.
Google Android
Illustration for intracorporative edition for Google Android demonstrating the best developer's projects.
Barking Store
The series of illustrations for an article about Barking Store, a pet's shelter which grew up into a whole community with cool merch store.
Stretching for Bon Appetit
Illustration for an article about cannabis yoga.
Illustration for Intercom for an article about about new approach how to organize work of customer success team in informal setting.
Posters for Respublika
The series of posters for Russian book and music shop chain.
Cover for the kid's workbook for Korean magazine WEE DOO.
Accounting at a Crossroads
Illustration for Quartz for the article about modern audit.
Unclaimed set of illustrations for Restream site.
Series of illustration for the longread about sexworkers and relationships with their families and children.
Looking for a Meteorite
Series of illustrations for a longread about a movement of people who search and collect meteorites.
Various Illustrations
Personal illustrations on different topics.
Sonya Korshenboym
Hi! My name is Sonya and I'm a self-taught Illustrator with twelve years of professional experience in the field, independent artist and art educator. I've been drawing since age of two and I put my childhood drawings into the practice to create unique visual style. Illustration is my method of interacting with the world, reflecting observations into narrative. My visual style is a gentle balance between a playful freedom and precision in each detail. I love to interact with large flat shapes and live lines creating objects, characters and atmosphere. Focusing on editorial and brand illustration, I am always interested in exploration of new subjects and media.
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